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Hiking tips Gosau

Hiking with view of the Dachstein in Gosau
Hiking in Gosau with fantastic view of the Dachstein glacier

Amazingly diverse – just like the endless views of the panoramic Alps – there are plenty of opportunities for enjoying leisure and freedom here on the Zwieselalm in Gosau.

There is something for everyone here – with long walks or climbing tours or casual strolls. Even if you just want to spend a few hours escaping from everyday life, soaking up the sun in the meadows and enjoying a hearty local snack!

You are sure to find everything your heart desires in the Gosau–Zwieselalm walking region and with the Gosaukamm cable car you get comfortably to the mountain in just 4 minutes with fantastic views of the Dachstein & Gosaukamm!


The best walking tips & tour suggestions:

+ Zwieselalm circular route
+ Walking with a hire pushchair
+ Großer Donnerkogel
+ Hiking to Riedlkar/Rottenhofhütte

Note: This is of course only a small variety of hiking possibilities in Dachsten West!

Zwieselalm circular route

Sonnenalm in Gosau with best view of Dachstein and Gosaukamm
Sonnenalm in Gosau with best view of Dachstein and Gosaukamm

Route No. 49/611
duration: approx. 2 hours | difficulty: blue/red


A well signposted trail leads from the mountain station with slight inclines to the Gablonzerhütte and Breiningalm huts (10 minutes), to the Sonnenalm hut (20 minutes), to the Zwieselalmhöhe peak (30 minutes) and the Zwieselalmhütte hut (40 minutes).

From the Zwieselalmhütte, follow the Herrenweg trail (route no. 611) back to the cable car. The circular route takes around 2 hours, including a short break.

Walking with a hire pushchair

Free offroad hire pushchair
Free offroad hire pushchair

Rout No. 49
Duration: approx. 2 hours | Difficulty: blue

There are off-road pushchairs readily available for you to hire directly from the mountain station for free, so you and your whole family can embark on leisurely outings in the hiking region of Dachstein West. Walking trail no. 49 is well waymarked and will take you from the mountain station with gentle inclines up to the Gablonzer and Breining Huts! Once past the two huts, after a short while you’ll come to the Sonnenalmhütte, an alpine lodge from which you can continue on up the Zwieselalm mountain pastures to the vantage peak (1587m).


The entire walk, including a short break up at one of the cosy huts, takes approx. 1½ to 2 hours and will wow you with a fantastic panoramic view out over the Dachstein, the Gosaukamm Ridge and the Tennen Mountains!

Großer Donnerkogel

Großer Donnerkogel in Gosau
Großer Donnerkogel in Gosau

Route No. 611/628
Duration: approx. 2 hours | Difficulty: red

Setting off from the upper station of the Gosaukamm lift, you begin your hike on the wide footpath until you come to the Gablonzer Hut and the Breining Hut, where you then turn left onto walking trail no. 611 (Austria Trail). You then walk on past lush Alpine meadows up to the Upper Törleck at the foot of the Little Donnerkogel.


From there it’s downhill a little, then once you reach the Lower Törleck Saddle, you turn left at the fork in the path (to the right is the Austria Trail to the Stuhlalm Lodge) up onto the steep summit climb no. 628, in places quite exposed. In the direct vicinity you can also see where the popular Intersport Via Ferrata starts up the Donnerkogel.


To start with you’ll go past green alders and mountain pines, and then you’ll hike across rocky ledges, gravel, steep rocky steps and through a short canyon, heading towards the top. After about an hour and a half you’ll have reached the summit, where you’ll be rewarded with a 360° panorama out over the Dachstein, the Gosaukamm, and the Bishop’s Cap, with the gorgeous view down to the Gosausee Lake. And on the way back down you follow the same route!

Hiking to Rottenhofhütte

Hiking in Dachstein West

Route No. 46, from crossing path No. 611 in direction Annaberg
Duration: approx. 1.5 hours | Difficulty: blue/red

A well signposted footpath No. 46 runs from the mountain station of the Gosaukammbahn cable car along gentle inclines via the Gablonzerhütte and Breiningalm huts (10 minutes) to the Sonnenalm hut (20 minutes), to the Zwieselalmhöhe peak (30 minutes). From the Zwieselalmhöhe you walk relaxed downhill to the Zwieselalmhütte hut (40 minutes) and from here to the crossing road Herrenweg – Russbach – Annaberg (route No. 611). From here, turn left towards Riedlkar/Rottenhofhütte.


Hint: Into the valley to Annaberg you arrive sporty on foot or you ride comfortable with the new 8-seater Donnerkogelbahn cable car. More info on Donnerkogelbahn operating times

Tip: Guided 'Kasroas' with Betty

Kasroas to the Rottenhofhütte
Kasroas to the Rottenhofhütte

Perfect for a family trip, individually or with friends is the guided 'Kasroas' with Betty" from the mountain station of the Gosaukamm cable car across Zwieselalmhöhe /viewing point to the cozy Rottenhofhütte. 


Date: Every Wednesday from 1st June to 19th October 2016


When walking you can expect a breathtaking view of the Dachstein and by the way you learn about here that is worth knowing from Betty and get some insider tips :-)


On the Rottenhofhütte you can enjoy culinary delights with homemade cheeses from own production at the big cheese tasting!

further information on 'Kasroas'