Take note of warning signs & boards!

Pistes closed: 5pm to 8.30am

Closed slopes: A slope may be closed for many different reasons, e.g. danger of avalanche, ice or not enough snow, etc. Skiing on closed slopes is prohibited without exception and will result in legal action.

Danger of
avalanche: The avalanche sign warns of general, local or acute danger of avalanche off-piste.

Snow-grooming vehicles: Snow-grooming vehicles in use. Take note of the last piste service control run. Take note of the last ski bus connections.

Skiing off piste:
Skiing in forested areas, in areas with recently planted trees, and on open-felled areas outside of the designated ski runs is strictly forbidden due to young tree growth! Offenders will be punished according to forestry law.

In the case of an accident, please contact an employee at the nearest lift!