Dachstein West Slope plan

In our interactive piste map you will always find up-to-date information about the lift and piste status in real time. So you can easily keep track and quickly find your way around our extensive ski area. Also the popular Panoronda - our ski pleasure round, which connects the three central places - Gosau, Russbach, Annaberg - along the Dachstein, can be virtually experienced and driven on here. Because Dachstein West also has many kilometres of slopes and cable cars with high transport capacity to offer. It is not by chance that the ski area at the foot of Dachstein is considered one of the most promising spots among the ski resorts and ski slopes in Austria. In contrast to Ramsau am Dachstein, for example, here you not only enjoy an impressive Dachstein view, but also the view of the equally impressive Tennengebirge mountains, the view of the idyllic Gosau lakes and the view of the Salzkammergut. If you want to get an overview of the prevailing visibility and weather conditions without any effort, then simply visit our Dachstein webcams!

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Lift & Piste Status up-to date & in real time

Here you can find up-to-date information on the current status of open lifts and pistes in real time.
Note: Please check the information boards on site to make sure nothing has changed.


Prices day tickets


Further information about day tickets: gosau at dachstein dot at and information phone: 050 140

Further prices you will find at skitickets.

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Recommendation of the Skiregion Dachstein West:

If you want LIVE information on the current weather, then visit our webcams.

Central locations

Gosau ski village

Located at 767 m altitude, the lovely village of Gosau guarantees family-friendly ski fun and snow until spring and, as the largest ski region in Upper Austria, offers diverse winter sports.

The spectacular 360° views of the Dachstein glacier, Lake Gosausee and the most scenic summits from Feuerkogel to Hochkönig are particularly impressive.

Easy to reach Ski Region: Panorama Jet or Hornspitz Express in Gosau

Use the Panorama Jet Zwieselalm as the ideal way to access the Dachstein West ski region and enjoy the comfortable ascent with fantastic views of the Dachstein glacier and Gosaukamm. At the valley station of the Hornspitz Express in Gosau you will find a comprehensive service station for a perfect skiing day in the Dachstein West ski region.

Your contact:
Dachstein Tourismus AG
Gosauer Bergbahnen
Gosauseestraße 52
4824 Gosau
Tel.: +43 50 140
Fax: +43 50 140 11 300

Panorama-Jet Gosau
Hornbahn Russbach

Russbach ski village

Russbach, located at 800 m altitude in the province of Salzburg, has lots of inexpensive leisure and family offers, embedded between imposing mountain ranges such as Tennengebirge, Dachsteinmassiv, Gosaukamm and Gamsfeld.

You can access the Dachstein West ski area in only 6 minutes on foot from the village centre of Russbach.

With the Hornbahn Russbach to the skiing paradise
On the wide, well-groomed valley run to Russbach, you can practise perfect carving curves and really enjoy alpine skiing. Snow is guaranteed until the end of the season.

Your contact:
Bergbahnen Dachstein West GmbH
Schattau 90
5442 Russbach am Paß Gschütt
Tel.: +43 6242 440
Fax: +43 6242 445

Annaberg ski village

The exquisite, little, sun-kissed Annaberg ski centre on the Salzburg side of the Dachstein West ski region.

The modern Donnerkogelbahn Annaberg 8-person gondola or the Kopfberg 4-person chairlift offer comfortable access to the Dachstein West ski region.

Your contact:
Bergbahnen Dachstein West GmbH
Schattau 90
5442 Russbach am Paß Gschütt
Tel.: +43 6242 440
Fax: +43 6242 445

Donnerkogelbahn Annaberg
Partner skiing regions Dachstein West

Partner ski areas

Ski passes from 1.5 days are valid in the entire Dachstein West skiing network:

With just one pass you can enjoy skiing in the province of Salzburg in a total of 7 ski areas. Please note that the Werfenweng ski region is only valid with a season pass and not with a multiple day pass!

Dachstein West ski region

Dachstein West is a connected ski area with lovely panoramic slopes boasting views of the Dachstein, with access from the villages of Gosau, Russbach and Annaberg, good ski lodge structure and great value for money.


Bergbahnen Dachstein West GmbH
Schattau 90
5442 Russbach am Paß Gschütt

Location Hornbahn Russbach:
phone: +43 6242 440
Fax: +43 6242 445 
russbach at dachsteinwest dot at  

LocationDonnerkogelbahn Annaberg:
phone: +43 6242 440
annaberg at dachsteinwest dot at 


Dachstein Tourismus AG

Gosauer Bergbahnen
Gosauseestraße 52
4824 Gosau
phone: +43 50 140
Fax: +43 50 140 11 300

Further partner ski areas

Freeride-Hotspot at Krippenstein in Obertraun

Freesports Arena Dachstein Krippenstein
Winkl 34
4831 Obertraun
Info-phone: +43 50 140
Snow-phone: +43 6131 5311838


Family skiing area Feuerkogel in Ebensee

Family skiing areaFeuerkogel

R. Ippisch-Platz 4
4802 Ebensee,
Info-phone: +43 50 140
Snow-phone: +43 6133 5397

Krippenstein und Feuerkogel, Partnerskigebiete Dachstein West
Abtenau, Lungötz, St. Martin, Partnerskigebiete Dachstein West
Abtenau, Lungötz, St. Martin, Partnerskigebiete Dachstein West

Karkogel in Abtenau

Abtenauer Bergbahnen GmbH

5441 Abtenau
+43 6243 2432


Family hit in St. Martin am Tennengebirge

Skilifte St. Martin 

Skilifte St. Martin
5522 St. Martin am Tennengebirge
Tel.: 06463/7488
Email: info@stmartin.info


Skilift for beginners, pros and families


Skilift Lammertal
Lammertalweg 22
5522 St. Martin am Tennengebirge
Info-phone: +43 6463 7146
Fax: +43 6463 71464

Bad Dürrnberg

Zinkenlifte Bad Dürrnberg
gemeinnützige GesmbH

Weissenwäschweg 19
5422 Bad Dürrnberg
Info-phone: +43 6245 85105



Bergbahnen Werfenweng

Bergbahnen Werfenweng GmbH
Weng 149, 5453 Werfenweng
Info-phone: +43 6466 614-0
Fax: +43 6466 614-12
office at bergbahnen-werfenweng dot com 

Partnerskigebiete, Bergbahnen Werfenweng und Bad Dürrnberg