Tariff regulations

Dachstein West regulations

Prices in euros, including 10% VAT. Subject to price changes due to possible VAT raises. 

Year of birth stipulations: 

  • Children born 2016 and younger receive a free pass if accompanied by an adult. Proof of family ID necessary. Photo identification required.
  • Children: Born between 2006 and 2015. 
  • Youths: Born 2003 to 2005. 
  • Senior citizens: Born 1962 and before (photo identification required).

Family pass for use within the same family. When families purchase a ski pass for the two oldest children and at least 1 parent, the third and every additional child receives a free ski pass for the same duration. Family proof required!

Family proof (ID): Please demonstrate family status: with a family pass (Austria) or proof of receipt of child benefit (Germany) or certificate of registration/family confirmation. We apologise that no price reductions or free passes for children can be assured without provision of identification. 

Photo ID: For ski passes of 5-days and more digital photos are taken at the cash desk, free of charge.

Points cards: Are only valid at the designated practice lifts in the valley area.

Prices: A mixed price is charged during times when seasons overlap. Information about additional ski pass offers is available at the lift cashdesks. 

Payment types: We accept cash in Euro, Maestro, debit Card, Eurocard, Visa, American Express and Diners. 

Keycards: All ski passes are issued on Keycards (these are re-usable, non-contact data carriers). Keep your keycard in the left jacket or trouser pocket. Deposit: Euro 2,-. Undamaged keycards can be returned to any cash desk. Other data carriers are not accepted. 

Legal matters: Individual services which these ski tickets entitle you to avail of are provided by independent companies. The contractor who purchases the ticket, only acts as a representative for the other contractor. Only the respective contractor is obliged to fulfil individual services and to provide damages for incidents where applicable.

Regulation for misuse: Any misuse of ski tickets, including use by a third party, will be punished and as a result the ski pass will be withdrawn and the party concerned excluded from carriage. There will also be a fine of at least Euro 70.- and payment to the amount of the full day ticket will have to be paid. Any attempt to transfer a ski pass to another guest is regarded as misuse. Subject to criminal charges! By purchasing this ski pass, the client consents to a digital photograph of them being recorded in the access system for inspection purposes. These images will not be forwarded to third parties and will be deleted when your ticket expires.

Terms of carriage:

Ski pass reimbursement in the event of a ski accident: If you have an accident while skiing a reimbursement can only be effected if the ski pass has been deposited at one of our cashdesks. Duration of use is regarded as days from the issue of the ski pass through to its deposit. A doctor's note is to be provided to receive the money in cash. Reimbursement of a ski pass in the event of an accident while skiing is only available for 3-day + ski passes. No cash reimbursement will be effected for family members who are departing early with the  injured party. In the event of illness, even if a doctor's note is provided, no reimbursement will be provided.

Ski passes are non-transferable! Lost and misplaced ski passes cannot be replaced. Poor weather conditions, unforeseen departure, interruptions in operations and closing off of ski runs do not represent a claim to reimbursement or extension. Subsequent exchange for another ski pass, transfers to other people, extension or postponement of the duration of validity are not possible.

Note: Please be aware of the conditions of carriage at the individual lift companies (notice at the cashdesks and at the lifts). Upon purchase of the ski pass, the guest acknowledges our terms and conditions, which are published at the respective locations.

Ski piste accidents: A rescue cost contribution must be paid for rescues after a ski piste accident.