Ski areas for children

Where children feel good and skiing is really fun to learn! 

Whether in Fredy- or Zwisi-Land in Gosau, the Bärencamp in Rußbach or in Fuxi's Kinderland in Annaberg - the ski children's lands in Dachstein West offer the little ones lots of variety and fun on the slopes.



  • Panorama-Jet valley station, Zwieselalm - GOSAU

Zwisi-Land in Gosau provides plenty of variety with its conveyor belts and slopes of varying lengths and degrees of difficulty. Entertainment are guarenteed!

The Dachstein West ski school and a ski rental shop are located directly on site!

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Brumsiland Gosau

In Brumsiland, directly at the Hornspitzbahn valley station in Gosau, the smallest skiers can also learn how to ski with style. The friendly ski instructors at the ski school and Brumsi will help you.

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Bruno bear, Dachstein West, Russbach

Bear Camp in Russbach

Bruno the ski bear who doesn´t hibernate!

The Bear Camp, the ideal practice area for skiing beginners, is located directly next to the Hornbahn valley station in Russbach. All lifts, including the great practice lifts in the valley and 2 practice lifts on the mountain in Russbach, are free for children up to 6 years old (accompanied by a parent). 

Fuxi's Kinderland in Annaberg-Lungötz

In Fuxi's Kinderland the ski instructors from the freeride-alpine ski school in Annaberg show how skiing works. Three magic carpets and a gondola ensure carefree skiing.

Fuxi, the mascot, watches the children as they practise. The children’s capabilities are encouraged in a fun way right from their first contact with skis through to technique training.



Fuxi Kinderclub, Annaberg, Dachstein West

Skiing Schools in Dachstein West

Next to every kids area you find one of our professional skiing schools. 

No matter whether you’re young or old, anyone who wants to learn skiing or snowboarding can do so with these accomplished ski schools.