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Skiline Dachstein West

Skiline, an exciting new service for all ambitious skiers and number crunchers! Simple enter your ski pass number and you will see the lifts you have used, altitudes you have climbed and descents (in km) you have conquered displayed at a glance! This enables you to check your performance, compare yourself with other skiers and prove it in black and white!

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Geocaching in Dachstein West!

Around 30 geocaches

Geocaching in the ski resort Dachstein West

For some time now, around 30 geocaches have been distributed across all slopes and access points in our region to be salvaged by eager treasure hunters. 

An obviously great fan of our ski region and avid geocacher has left his leads in recent months. We are probably the only ski region with blanket geocache coverage. 

Watch out, geocachers! Who can find all the caches in our region? How long will you need to complete the task? Everyone is welcome to hide new caches. We are confident a number will be added this season, too.

All caches and information on geocaching
 can be found here:

Here you can download the geocaching app for your smartphone: