Adamekhütte | Gosau

Mountain and shelter hut for hiking tours on the Dachstein glacier. The Adamekhütte 2,196 m - among insiders also known as the "station of the Alps" , enjoys a unique location below the Gosau glacier at the foot of the 'Hoher Dachstein' with breathtaking views of the mountains of the Salzkammergut. Due to the high altitude the Adamekhütte is an important center for mountaineers and climbers who can start from here longer mountain and
climbing tours at the Dachstein.

A day tour to the Adamekhu?tte is long and quite tiring and takes about 4 hours! The hosted Adamekhütte offers multi-bedded-rooms and camp to stay a night (oder longer)!

The Zeishofhütte can be accessed from the Hornspitz II family descent. This is a very traditional and comfortable ski hut which is much bigger inside than it appears from the outside. The hut specialises in regional products from the meats of Gosing farmers to tasty treats such as a lamb dish unique to the Zeishofhütte, home-made cheese etc. And all with friendly service which also attracts many locals!

Adamekhütte des ÖAV
Seehöhe 2196m
4824 Gosau 685
Hüttentelefon: +43 664 / 547 34 81
Handy: +43 664 / 547 34 81

Adamekhütte in Gosau