Snowshoe trail open!

Snowshoe trail 1 "Dachsteinblick" signposted and open! TIP: snowshoe ticket!

Snowshoe trail

Winter fun away from the ski slopes can be found by all winter sports enthusiasts and hikers when snowshoeing in Dachstein West on the Zwieselalm. 

From the mountain station of the 8er-Panorama Jet Zwieselalm the marked path leads towards the Gosaukamm and further along the huts, always with an impressive view of the Dachstein glacier.

Key Facts
Snowshoe trail

Snowshoe hiking

  • Starting point: Bergstation 8er-Panorama Jet Zwieselalm
  • Difficulty: easy to intermediate
  • Total height: 1580 m 
  • Altitude meters: 240 m
  • Path length: 2,2 km
  • Walking time: 1 - 1,5 hours
  • signs & poles: 30-40 m
  • Arrival point: Bergstation 8er-Panorama Jet Zwieselalm 
  • Equipment: snowshoes, sticks 

In case of emergency:
Save the phone numbers of the lift company (+43 50 140) and the mountain rescue (140) on your mobile phone.
Should you end up in a valley without reception, remove the SIM card and call 112!


Ascent & descent with the 8 seater Panorama Jet Zwieselalm & snowshoe rental with just one ticket!

Trail 1: Dachsteinblick (circular path)

Route description:

From the mountain station of the 8 seater Panorama Jet Zwieselalm the trail leads downhill along the eastern edge of the 'Sonnenalm' past the old lift line and to the valley station of the 4-seater chairlift Törleck.

From there the trail continues to the mountain station of the Gosaukamm cable car (summer operation only), where a fascinating view of the rugged and deeply snow-covered rocks of the Gosaukamm is revealed.

The trail now leads in a westerly direction past 'Gablonzerhütte' and 'Breininghütte' along the ski trail towards the 8er-Panorama-Jet.

Shortly before crossing the slope (please be careful!) you come to a small hill where you can enjoy a fantastic view of the impressive Dachstein glacier and the summit of the high Dachstein (2996 m). Continue past the 'Sonnenalm' and back to the starting point.

The trail is marked with red poles and yellow signs, distance between poles approx. 30–40 m.


Interactive Panorama

Safety notes for snowshoe hiking:

  • No liability is assumed. 
  • Each guest acts on their own responsibility and should be able to properly assess their own fitness.
  • Pay attention to weather changes - signs are wind, fog and a rise in temperature.
  • Please pay attention to information about the current avalanche situation (e.g.!
  • Pay attention to avalanche warning lights and signs. 
  • Follow the instructions of the ski slopes and rescue services!
  • Never rely on existing tracks. They are no guarantee of avalanche safety and can lead you in a completely wrong direction.
  • Save the telephone numbers of the cable cars (+43 50 140) and the mountain rescue service (140) on your cell phone for emergencies. If you end up in a valley with no reception, remove the SIM card and call 112!

Ski rental

Gosauer Skiverleih -
Talstation Hornspitzbahn

verleih at skigosau dot at

Sport Jirka -
Talstation Panorama-Jet Zwieselalm

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Guided tours

Booking &

Betty Jehle
+43 650 63 66 177
betty at betty-jehle dot at 

Clubs, schools, families and groups are also welcome!

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Make a break

Enjoy &
Stop for a break

A break is well deserved after a long snowshoe hike and just the right thing! Warming up in between does not hurt either!

Hospitality, friendliness and a lot of delicious food await you in our ski huts! 

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