Hot Air Balloon Night 22.01.2020

The night of the balloons promises to be a unique experience for the eye. The majestic giants illuminate the wintry night and, guided by interesting light choreographies, one or two balloons hover weightlessly over the astonished people. Great graduation will be like all years the sound fireworks.


By the way: If you would like to experience the Salzkammergut yourself from a bird's eye view, you have the best opportunity during the balloon week. In this regard, please contact the initiator and organizer of the Gosauer Balloon Week, Gottfried Koller, from the Hotel Koller in Gosau.


When: 22.01.2020, 18:00 - 22:00 o´clock

Where: Brumsiland in Gosau (Hornspitz)




Balloon rides and alpine crossings

Tel .: +43 664 5314741

Nacht der Ballone
Nacht der Ballone
Nacht der Ballone