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Events in Dachstein West

Whether weekly scheduled events, children's snow festivals, classic or sporting events - here you will find an overview of the current activities in the skiing and hiking region Dachstein West - Gosau, Russbach, Annaberg.
Skiing in Dachstein West

Season start: Winterseason 22-23

Yah, the ski winter in Dachstein West is about to start again!
We can hardly wait to put on our skis again and start skiing down the hills. Our excitement is huge whn we think about skiing, snowboarding, snowshoe hiking and ski touring.
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ÖSV kids snow party

Finally the time has come again! The popular children's snow festival in Gosau is back!
A great programme for all youngsters is on the agenda all day long in Gosau, Dachstein West.
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11.03.2023 SkitourenCharity Event Dachstein West

For all outdoor fans, the Dachstein West ski region invites you to the second big ski tourimg charity event in Rußbach7 Salzburg on 11.03.2023. Along the Atomic Backland ski touring route on the Rußbacher Hornspitz, participants can collect altitude meters for a good cause throughout the day.
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