FIS rules of conduct

Safety on the pistes
The FIS piste rules apply to all skiers and snowboarders who are obliged to know and adhere with the piste rules. Anyone causing an accident in breach of the FIS piste rules can be held responsible for the consequences under civil and criminal law.

Emergency numbers in Austria

Alpine emergency

Mountain rescue



Fire department

Ski helmets

In the federal state of Upper Austria and Salzburg, it is mandatory for children and adolescents to wear ski helmets until they have reached the age of 15. However, wearing a ski helmet is also strongly recommended for all adult winter athletes!

FIS piste rules
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    Respect other skiers
    Every skier on the slope has to act in such a way as to not endanger or harm anyone.

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    Control of speed and manner of skiing
    Every skier has to adapt their speed and way of skiing to their abilities and the conditions of the terrain and the weather.

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    Choice of track
    Select an appropriate path. If you are skiing behind someone it’s your responsibility to ski around them without causing any danger to them.

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    You can over-take from either left or right but you must leave enough distance between yourself and other skiers to allow them to manoeuvre properly.

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    Starting and moving upwarts
    Every skier entering a ski run, piste or traversing a ski terrain has to make sure that no one from above or beneath is at risk. The same applies to stopping.

  6. 6.

    Every skier has to avoid stopping at narrow and unclear parts of a ski run or pistes. A fallen skier has to clear their place as soon as possible.

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    Ascending and descending
    You must always use the side of the slope to walk up or down, whether wearing skis or not.

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    Pay attention to the signs
    Pay attention to and follow the signs, markings and notices on the slope.

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    How to behave in the event of an accident
    In the event of an accident everyone is obliged to provide assistance.

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    ID requirements
    Every skier and snowboarder, regardless of being a witness or someone involved in the accident, has to give their personal information (ID).

Warning signs & boards
  • Closed slopes:
    A slope may be closed for many different reasons, e.g. danger of avalanche, ice or not enough snow, etc. Skiing on closed slopes is prohibited without exception and will result in legal action.

  • Danger of avalanche:
    The avalanche sign warns of general, local or acute danger of avalanche off-piste.

  • Snow-grooming vehicles:
    Snow-grooming vehicles in use. Take note of the last piste service control run. Take note of the last ski bus connections.

  • Skiing off piste:
    Skiing in forested areas, in areas with recently planted trees, and on open-felled areas outside of the designated ski runs is strictly forbidden due to young tree growth! Offenders will be punished according to forestry law.

  • SOS:
    In the case of an accident, please contact an employee at the nearest lift!