General terms and conditions of the Dachstein West ski region

Here you can find the general terms and conditions of the Dachstein West ski region (Gosau-Russbach-Annaberg): 

  • General terms and conditions of the online ski pass shop
  • General terms and conditions


General terms and conditions of the online ski pass shop

1. General terms

The Dachstein West ski region is a merger of the aforementioned lift and piste operators. The members of the Dachstein West ski region operate their own cable cars and lifts as well as pistes at their own responsibility and as independent legal entities. The use of the term Dachstein West ski region in the following text also applies to the respective lift and piste operator. Online passes for the ski areas of the Dachstein West ski region entitle customers to use the ski areas covered by the Dachstein West ski region. Purchases in our online ski pass shop may only be made by persons over 18 years of age.

These general terms and conditions apply to all services, bookings via the website, as well as sub shop applications on partner websites and for electronic bookings of access authorisations on contactless data carriers (key card) and in the enquiry system. 

Through the use of a valid online pass, a transportation and use of pistes contract with the respective lift/piste operator comes into being and the customer accepts the general terms and conditions of the Dachstein West ski region. Use of the ski areas in the Dachstein West ski region and use of the respective lifts and slopes are subject to the general terms and conditions of the Dachstein West ski region.

2. Scope of application

The general terms and conditions apply to all current and future services, which result in connection with bookings and purchase of online passes with access authorisations by customers online, via WEB applications or other electronic media. Furthermore, the general tariff and transport regulations of the Dachstein West ski region apply.

3. Subject matter of the contract/online pass

The subject matter of the contract is the electronic sale of access authorisations to be stored on data carriers for lifts and pistes for the SKIDATA AG’s “Direct-to-Access” (DTA) pass reservation and booking system. It is expressly pointed out that not all services available through Dachstein West ski region can be booked online. 

With the purchase of an online pass, using the “Direct-to-Access” (DTA) pass reservation and booking system, only the sale and the activation of access authorisations (e.g. ski passes) for the SKIDATA control system available in the Dachstein West ski region, in connection with electronic data carriers (key cards) via the internet or other electronic media, are handled.

Online passes in connection with the key card stated at the time of online purchase entitle the customer to use the lifts and pistes within the framework of the services booked online – unless otherwise specified – at the times and dates specified during the online purchase. Rescheduling of dates after conclusion of the contract is not possible. Redemption of the online passes is – unless otherwise specified – only possible on the stated date. Late redemption is not possible; in this case the pass becomes invalid.

The Dachstein West ski region reserves the right to amend the description of services and to inform the customer thereof in good time.

4. Special conditions for the electronic ordering process

4.1. Data entry

Booking is only possible after complete and correct entry of all data required in the mandatory fields in the booking window as well as the express acknowledgement of the general terms and conditions by using the application provided in the booking window. False declarations in the Dachstein West ski region online ski pass shop will result in the withdrawal of the authorisation and exclusion from transportation, without replacement or refund. The customer is obliged to immediately communicate any changes in contact data (name, e-mail and postal address). 

4.2. Conclusion of contract

A successfully carried out online booking constitutes an offer of contract on the part of the customer to the Dachstein West ski region. The customer acknowledges that the ordering process upon clicking on the “buy” button can no longer be cancelled or reversed. After availability and the entered payment details have been confirmed by the Dachstein West ski region, the booking enquiry is answered in a booking confirmation by e-mail. The contract is concluded on receipt of the booking confirmation. Should the network connection fail, only the data recorded by the Dachstein West ski region is valid. There is no legal claim to the advance sale bonus or similar if the online booking was not possible during the advance sale period, for whatever reason.

The electronic order confirmation (e-mail) from the Dachstein West ski region serves as the only permissible proof of a properly carried out booking and should therefore be kept by the customer and, in the event of a complaint, should be presented together with the data carrier (key card). 

4.3 Payment

Purchases in the online ski pass shop are made by paying with credit card (Visa, MasterCard, or Diners Club) or instant transfer (Sofort AG). Online passes can only be redeemed after full payment has been received.

Season passes are only bookable with current photographs. The key card deposit is €2 and will be charged at the same time as the key card is booked. All delivered goods or products shall remain the property of the Dachstein West ski region until paid in full.

4.4 Booking processing

The Dachstein West ski region directly or indirectly uses various partners in the technical and financial processing of an electronic booking, among others, SKIDATA AG, Wirecard CEE, and Elements. These companies have in no way a direct contractual relationship with the customer, provided that this does not already exist due to a different legal situation. In the course of the booking process, redirection to websites of these companies may occur, the content of which is the responsibility of each company itself.

4.5 Shipment

When ordering a key card, the postal delivery time (approx. 3-5 work days within Austria) must be taken into account. The Dachstein West ski region accepts no liability for deliveries lost in the post or key cards that do not arrive in time.

5. Withdrawal from contract

The services offered by the Dachstein West ski region are leisure services that are provided at a certain time within a clearly specified timespan. The customer therefore has no right of withdrawal (Section 18 Para. 1 (10) FAGG [Austrian Federal Act on Distance and Off-Premises Transactions] in connection with Section 11 Para. 1 FAGG).

6. Data protection regulations

The customer agrees explicitly that their personal data for carrying out the booking and payment processes may be forwarded to the Dachstein West ski region database, stored and processed and, for control purposes, also compared to external systems. The customer also agrees that this data may be passed on to partners and members of the Dachstein West ski region within the framework of the legal requirements and limitations of the Austrian Data Protection Act 2000. The data will be deleted on contractually correct redemption of the voucher or on expiry of validity. The consent to use such data can be revoked in writing at any time.

Your security is of the highest priority. Therefore, data such as credit card number, bank code, account number, name and address that is provided when paying by credit card, is transferred by certified payment providers via their SSL line, taking into consideration the PCI guidelines. 

The customer declares express consent to the transmission of the payment confirmation to the payment system and – after its release for payment – to the debit of the respective due invoice amount via direct debit authorisation of the selected method of payment.

7. Topping up an existing data carrier

The customer is solely responsible for the correct entry of data, especially the data carrier number. False entry can impair the functioning of the data carrier and the risk is borne by the customer. When topping up an existing key card, the booked service can be made use of 30 minutes after receipt of the confirmation e-mail at the earliest. From this point in time, the activation of the data carrier is effective for all initial entry points of the booked leisure facility.

The customer takes note that, due to the necessary data transfers via the internet and other data lines, it is possible that, in exceptional cases, problems may occur in activating the data carrier, without any legal consequences deriving, provided that the possibility to use the lifts can be ensured by other means.

Guarantee for defects in activation of a working data carrier following a correctly carried out booking can only be made with a new attempt at topping up the data carrier on site by the staff at the lift or by handing over another suitable pass. If the data carrier is not functional, the customer must obtain a new data carrier. If the booking process was only incorrect due to entry of an incorrect or incomplete data carrier number, the booking can be corrected with the help of the staff, or another pass will be issued. In all cases of complaint, the customer must show the processing confirmation, otherwise a guarantee or free reissue of a pass can be refused.

8. Choice of law/legal venue

These terms and conditions apply insofar as they do not contradict mandatory provisions of the Consumer Protection Act of the respective consumer country. Should this occur, however, any terms and conditions shall not become invalid in their entirety, but are only to be reduced to the nearest possible valid contents. Contract language is German. 

Austrian law shall apply (excluding the principles on conflicts of law and the United Nations CISG). Insofar as there is no mandatory place of jurisdiction, jurisdiction shall be vested in the applicable court at the location of the respective lift or piste operator’s registered office.

Information as of October 2015.